Joe Byrne

Full-Stack Developer, Network Engineer, Author & Teacher


What I am all about.

With close to 3 decades in the computer and technology field, there is very little I haven't done. I started my career in the late 1970s as a programmer on mainframe (PDP-11) and Mini (IBM 5150 series & BasicFour) computers. In the mid 1980s I saw the potential of the "connected PC" and jumped from software development to computer networking. I was one of the original Certified Systems Engineers from Novell and played an integral part as a SysAdmin at the very beginning of America Online eventually mastering all concepts of the burgeoning Internet industry.

As an entrepreneur, I started my first solo business venture during the early 90s in Southern California. Then after my first child was born I moved my young family back to the midwest and took the position of Sr. Systems Engineer for the Marco Corporation. Marco was a struggling office supply business trying to break into the voice-print-and computer support industries. In a few short years, Marco was known through the greater Minnesota area as a true leader in technology. During my tenure at Marco I continued to gain experience and associated Vendor Certifications for all of the major technology. My extensive list of certifications include Master CNE (Novell), MCSE (Microsoft) All of the CompTIA certifications, and a host of other major and minor industry leaders.

At this point in my career, I am looking to get back to my roots, software development. I've written a lot of custom applications for many businesses, employers. and customers but always as a side-line. Now its time for me to return to programming as a full-time occupation. I am fluent in PHP (procedural and Object-oriented), SQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I create the entire package from front-end site design to the complete back-end process. If you need a website, or a complete line-of-business application, contact me for a free quote!


Batman would be jealous.

Software Development

Experienced programmer specializing in PHP looking for challenging and rewarding opportunities to design Web-based solutions. Comfortable collaborating with CSS and HTML programmers project managers designers and database administrators in the administration of software architecture.

  • Eight years of accumulated talent and professional experience in PHP programming
  • Skilled in hardware operating systems and network procedures
  • Exceptional history with content management relational databases systems and web development and web services
  • Extensive knowledge of SQL (MySQL/MSSQL) CSS/HTML jQuery and Javascript



Highly skilled in the design and deployment and management of large scale local and wide area network systems including TCP/IP, Subnetting, DNS, DHCP, xDSL, T1, DS3 Routing and Switching.

  • Known for having an extreme attention to detail, capable of thinking independently and quickly resolving critical network issues.
  • Expert knowledge of PC network systems with Master CNE, MCSE, and CompTIA certifications
  • Recognized for exceptional analytical and problem solving skills with a proven ability to identify and resolve root cause outages or performance issues.
  • Design and configure security systems, anti-virus, control software and firewalls to stop potential intrusions


Systems Administration

Extensive experience in network administration in Microsoft and Novell environments.

  • Deploy, configure and administer user policies, rights and permissions (LDAP/Active Directory)
  • Provided escalated IT support including hardware troubleshooting, backup and recovery, email communication and application support.
  • Scheduled, coordinated and deployed server updates and preventative maintenance with limited downtime.
  • Planned and built redundancy into existing systems to eliminate downtime due to server failure.



  1. Team member designing and developing the CompTIA Network+ and Internet+ certification programs.
  2. College Instructor (Rassmussen College, St. Cloud, Mn) teaching basic and advanced Systems Networking
  3. Author/Co-Author under contract with Wiley Publishers


Yes. I've been around.
2016 – 2018

Morrison County.

Information Systems Director

Little Falls, Mn.

Provide leadership and vision for the IT department include strategic planning of information systems. Develop strategic direction for the information systems plan including technology deployment plans and departmental budgets. Direct all information technology and network system deployment and maintenance including all IT infrastructure, wireless communications, PC systems, local networks and mobile environment. Recruit, hire and train IT staff, project managers, engineer and network administrators. Create financial forecasts, outline expenditures and modify budget when necessary. Designed and wrote County's intranet system with PHP/MySQL.HTML5/javascript

2007 – 2016

Benton County

Sr. Network Engineer and Programmer

Foley, Mn.

Responsible for all aspects of the County network and servers including layer 2 and 3 switching, Campus wide connectivity, firewall and remote access procedures. Converted network systems from Novell Netware 5.1 to Microsoft Server 2008/2012. Converted internal email system from GroupWise to MDaemon (Exchange-like application). Deploy, configure and administrate user and group policies in Active Directory. Provided end-user training classes for county applications. Wrote Timesheet entry and payroll processing application (PHP/MSSQL based) to interface with AS400/ACS system. Wrote County's Internet and administrative tools to manage the County's Internet Website.

2002 – 2007

ccSolutions, LLC (owner)

PC and Network Consultant

Saint Cloud, Mn

Provided full-service IT support for small business and residential customers. Hardware repairs and upgrades. Custom software development. Design and install 10-25 user PC networks including the cabling, routing and switching, and server deployments.

1995 – 2002

Marco, Inc.

Sr. Systems Engineer

Saint Cloud, Mn

Instrumental in establishing Marco as leader in technology services. Designed and deployed multiple wide-area networks across the state of Minnesota for the banking industry. Designed and built large scale local-area networks for various school districts around the state. Created Internet Services department including a highly redundant Network Operations Center. Wrote custom software for resale to customers that allowed remote data backup. Assisted Technical sales staff to determine customer needs and solutions. Conducted multiple training sessions for internal employees and external customers.

Professional References

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